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Our Growing Strategy, Areas and Facilities

Fortune Growers maintains, operates and sustains growing areas in the Central Valley Growing Coast of California, the Guanajuato Estate of Central Mexico and Canada.

It is important for us to sustain supply chain & operational visibility, maintain transparent partnerships and commit to managing costs that result in high returns and optimized price points.

Fortune USA and Canada

The Fortune Growers US and Canadian operations have over 70 years of combined Produce Experience. Reliable Year Round Availability. Complete and Truly Vertically Integrated. Multi-national Growing Capabilities.

In California and Canada, we grow commodities in the Apiaceas, Brassica, Capsicum, Citrus and Green Leafy families. We own facilities on-site in this region.

Fortune Central Mexico

The Fortune Growers Mexico operations have proven growing and sourcing for over 12 years. We efficiently manage an optimal cold-chain for exportation in addition to direct transportation to facilities with no cold-chain breakage.

We only grow in regions with no frozen microclimates for true consistency and continuity. Our harvests are performed within two hours with a dedicated regional and local infrastructure.