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About Fortune Growers

Fortune Growers is the best in Agriculture for Produce.

At Fortune Growers, we only engage the best in growing practices to yield the highest possible quality in produce.

Our commodities are Harvested Field Fresh For You™.

We carefully select the best seed varieties for each of our crops and cultivate the best growing conditions. Our proven methodologies focus on nurturing efficient planting schedules, optimal field operations and the latest in technology.

Fortune Growers are true Produce Innovators with over 75 years of combined produce experience.

Produce Innovators

At Fortune Growers, we take great pride as Innovators in Growing, Sourcing and Food Safety across the United States, Mexico and Canada. Our Agribusiness operations are centered around an unprecedented decentralized growing strategy that is renowned in the industry. As pioneers in Irrigation and Treatment, we were the first to develop and fully integrate Chlorine Dioxide processes.

Best Practices & Differentiators

Fortune Growers has created worldwide co-operatives with experienced and progressive growers. We have the ability to be successful despite weather, logistics or regional growing issues.

  • Benchmarking the Highest in Customer Service Levels
  • Incorporation of Technology into Agriculture and Supply Chain
  • Uncompromised Food Safety Standards

Fortune Supply Chain

Only the best produce from our crops pass the Fortune Growers Quality Inspection team. This assessment is conducted on the field as we cut, box and pack our products. We implement Good Agricultural and Handling Practices when transporting our produce to dedicated cooling facilities with no break in the cold chain within a 2 hour window.

Fortune Logistics

At Fortune Growers, we are dedicated to being turnkey when it comes to logistics. We are a commited company that not only grows but delivers the best produce in the world. Fortune Logistics allows us to be fully responsible for the entire growth and delivery cycle of our produce.